Amazon Seller Central - Search Orders, no errors, no output

I am trying to download old orders from Amazon Seller Central. I’m added the Amazon Seller Central - Search Orders module. After configuration the module runs without errors but there is no output. Here is my configuration, what needs to be modified? Thanks.
Amazon Seller Central

Marketplace Countries Canada
Created After empty
Last Updated After 07/01/2022
Created Before empty
Last Updated Before 07/31/2022
Order Statuses Shipped
Fulfillment Channels Fulfillment by Amazon, Fulfilled by the seller
Payment Methods Cash on delivery, Convenience store payment, Any other payment method
Buyer Email empty
Seller Order ID empty
EasyShip Shipment Statuses Pending Schedule, Pending Pick Up, Pending Drop Off, Label Canceled, Picked Up, Dropped Off, At Origin FC, At Destination FC, Delivered, Rejected By Buyer, Undeliverable, Returning To Seller, Returned To Seller, Lost, Out For Delivery, Damaged
Electronic Invoice Statuses Not Required, Not Found, Processing, Errored, Accepted
Amazon Order IDs empty
Actual Fulfillment Supply Source ID empty
Is ISPU empty
Store Chain Store ID empty
Limit 10


The configuration appears okay by the looks of it, few suggestions below,

  1. Please try expanding date range.
  2. Using same parameters and date range try connecting via any API tool like to see if you get desired results.
  3. Use the same/ existing connection in Watch Orders module to test if it is working with recent orders.
  4. Try Make DevTool to check if there are any additional message in Amazon Seller Central’s response.

Hope this points you in the right direction. Thanks.