Amount invoice not correct on Stripe module


I have a trigger on Make that watches for Stripe checkout.
It then creates a record on Airtable with the amount.


But I find it adds 2 zeros to the amount. How can I fix this ? The correct checkout was 1390 and 890.


Hi @Soly,

This is not an issue from Make. Your Airtable field setting has to be changed to fix it.

Go to the Amount field, choose Edit and select the correct Precision. It will fix the issue.

Manish Mandot
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Hi @manish_mandot ,

Thanks for your reply.
I initially thought that as well, and did played with the precision to check.
Unfortunately, the precision affects only the decimal parts in Airtable.

The 2 extra zeros come from the data taken from Stripe as seen in this screenshot. The total amount pulled from Stripe is 129000 instead of 1290.


Got it, if that is a consistent pattern then in that case you can divide it by 100.

Manish Mandot
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Awesome! It does the job. Thanks for the workaround @manish_mandot