Any auction software to connect with make?


I am thinking about making auctions and of course:
I want to automate the administration of all the auctions.

Any ideas or suggestions? :hugs:

Best regards

you can absolutely use the Ebay API with either the HTTP module

Or by creating a custom app (also with the ebay API)

It should allow you to buy and sell via :make: Automations.

I suggest using a database, either nocode (nocodb,airtable,rowy(cloudfirestore). or a traditional database to track performance if you want to scale. that historical data is valuable. and can be hooked into ML algorithms via a giant bucket of free credits on google firebase.

I think amazon, azure and digital ocean all have similar credit offers to test their products.

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there is a make integration for woocommerce. auctions may not be fully supported, but
the rest should be covered by this.

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