API connection to Lexoffice - error 404

need help with API connection to Lexoffice with make.
Getting error code 404

“id”: null,
“organizationId”: “d90ba7ea-6ba1-4f2d-8598-9b69ace7feb6”,
“version”: null,
“language”: “de”,
“voucherDate”: “2023-10-28T12:43:03.900+01:00”,
“expirationDate”: “2023-12-15T12:43:03.900+02:00”,
“address”: {
“contactId”: null,
“name”: “Berliner Kindl GmbH”,
“street”: “Jubiläumsweg 25”,
“city”: “Berlin”,
“zip”: “14089”,
“countryCode”: “DE”
“totalPrice”: {
“currency”: “EUR”,
“totalNetAmount”: null,
“totalGrossAmount”: null,
“totalTaxAmount”: null
“taxAmounts”: [
“taxRatePercentage”: 19,
“taxAmount”: null,
“netAmount”: null
“taxConditions”: {
“taxType”: “gross”
“paymentConditions”: {
“paymentTermLabel”: “10 Tage - 3 %, 30 Tage netto”,
“paymentTermDuration”: 30,
“paymentDiscountConditions”: {
“discountPercentage”: 3,
“discountRange”: 10
“introduction”: “Gerne bieten wir Ihnen an:”,
“remark”: “Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Auftragserteilung und sichern eine einwandfreie Ausführung zu.”,
“title”: “Angebot”

Make sure that the relationship fields such as id, contactId is not null. It needs to be the contact ID created on LexOffice, but since you are directly passing the contact object then you can omit those fields, I am not sure if Make removes null if you are using Make an API call. BTW, is there a reason not to use the inbuilt Make module for this instead of using Make an API call module?


I like to create a quotation
there is no modul fot that.

“Id” deleted - still the same error message

Can you share me the Make an API call module settings, I want to review what you are using for the API URL, Cause normally the 404 that you are getting is related to that.


In the URL, Just use /v1/quotations and see what the results/error look like.


thank you for your help