Api - enotfound: service is temporary unavailable while connecting infobip

Hi Everyone, I am getting this error message: “ENOTFOUND: SERVICE IS TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE” while trying to create an INFOBIP connection.

Please how can I resolve this.

Welcome to the Make community!

For technical issues or bugs like this, directly contacting support can often lead to a faster resolution. They have access to your specific account details, scenario and scenario logs, server-side logs, and internal tools and resources, which allows them to investigate more thoroughly than what you have access to. Additionally, sharing sensitive information about your account or scenario might not be suitable for an open forum discussion.

You can open a new ticket here, or if you are unable to login for some reason, you can create another new free account to access the ticketing system (which is only available to logged-in users). Alternatively, you should be able to send an email to helpdesk@make.com and support@make.com and it should create a ticket. After submitting a new ticket, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with the subject “Ticket Created” in the subject. If you do not receive this, try sending the ticket again.

If you manage to get your issue resolved with support, we’d still love to hear about it! Sharing your solution on the forum can help others facing similar problems.

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