Apify module "Get dataset items" returns empty

Hi everyone,

I’m setting up my first scenario with Apify modules and I can’t get dataset items as you see in the screenshot.

The actor works fine in Apify and the dataset in Apify is populated, but I can’t figure out why I can’t retrieve data in Make. The dataset ID that the “Run an actor module” is passing to “get dataset” is ok.

What am I missing?
Thank you for your help.

Welcome to the Make community!

This is because Run an Actor appears to be set to asynchronous.

This means the module only triggers the initialization of the actor to begin running, and immediately returns to proceed to the next module.

This means that at the time the “Get dataset items” is called, the actor likely has not concluded processing yet, hence there are no results.

Look for an field to toggle it to synchronous.

For more information, see Run actor/task and retrieve data via API | Apify Help & Support

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@samliew Now it works!
Thank you very much!