Apollo.io - Make an API call issue

I have create a scenario to enrich the organization data using the domain from the email address. The workflow is as shown below, I’m new to understanding the API calls, and would like to know what and where Im going wrong. I know Im going wrong with the Domain query string. Pls help!

@Akil_Mohan, if you click on the red bubble to the top right of the Apollo module after running it, you’ll be able to see the specific output from the module.

For this situation, Apollo will provide you with a response code (looks like a 422 in this case) and the details behind that response. I can see in the bottom right window that the domain is missing or incorrectly formatted for the input going into the Value of the query string. I would recommend looking to see what the key:value pair actually looked like on the input to see if it’s formatted as expected.

Dan Saavedra

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Looking at what you give of info and the documentation, I assumed that you are trying to use:

Maybe I’m wrong, but I will try to help anyway.

So, let’s talk about two points:

  1. The Current.Email from Pipedrive is an Array, so unless we consider that always we will have just one, or we will consider the first of the list, you will need to use the Iterator or some kind of function to disctinct select all of the domains and after this use the Iterator.

  1. I think that your execution had this error [422] Required parameter 'domain' missing because it didn’t return any email from Pipedrive.
    Look at the example below, where I don’t have any email returning from Pipedrive, the domain variable it will be empty, and for this Apollo will return an error because you didn’t send any value for the domain parameter after all.

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