ArcGIS & Field Maps Error 400 and 500

The objective for this webhook is to send out email alerts when rows are added to a table in a ArcGIS Online feature layer. I have implemented very similar webhooks using this method but am running into several issues regarding this specific feature layer but even the errors seem to be inconsistent.

The webhook is aimed at a feature layer which contains two tables. The Field Maps connection is authorized and verified (I’m using this same connection for several other webhooks which function as intended).

Running this scenario will not detect any change in the field. Occasionally this scenario has returned an error code 500.


and an error code 400.


When I initially encountered the error code 500 regarding sync replica, I tried implementing a custom webhook instead of the built in Field Maps webhook. That looked like this

This scenario also failed to detect changes to either table.

Any help would be appreciated.



The ‘500’ error is usually an indication of a server issue on the side of the host, ArcGIS in this case. However, I would recommend reaching out to Make Support if you are still facing issues with the webhook, and also to find out why the ‘Custom Webhook’ is not getting triggered.


Thanks! I’ll reach out.