Area lookup in a KML or KMZ layer

Does anyone know somehow I could make google maps search an address in a map I have created? I own a fiber internet company and I am trying to find a way to let my customer know if they are in my coverage area or if they are in a zone we are building to in the future and what zone they are in etc. etc. Does anyone know how to go about this. It seems the google maps app is really basic and would not directly offer this functionality.

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I just wanted to clarify that this is a community of Make users helping out and sharing knowledge. This means we don’t have access to any of your scenarios, organizations etc.
It’s therefore always best to share as much details as possible, including some screenshots so that the community can understand what’s going on in your scenarios.

Detailed information could be provided for example by an:

  1. overview of your scenario setup (functions, mappings, variables etc.)
  2. the input area of the module you are having trouble with
  3. the output area of the module you are getting data from

Thank you!

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Like if a customer requests for service in these areas they will get varying responses depending on where they are on my map.

You’d need to use Google maps geometry / polygon options with the containsLocation() JavaScript I believe.

That might be tricky based on your map layout. I’m guessing there is some service that would also offer this functionality that would have a REST API. But I’ve not explored this as a solution before.

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