Asana Integration - Watch task created for all projects

Hi, do you guys know for a way to trigger a scenario when a new task is created but no matter what project it’s in?

The only way I found is to list projects every time then list all task for those projects created X minutes ago filter on them to reduce datas (didn’t find what to filter on yet) and then do what I want to do with them. But it seems costly in operations as we will have a lot of projects with 10-15 tasks in each…

Any idea? Maybe we should just change Asana for an other Projet Management Software?
Thank you.

Hey @CE_TI ,

We’ve had this question with one of our clients recently as well. The way we solved this is by developing our own application running in the cloud, creating webhooks for each project:

  1. Create a “New project in Asana” webhook subscription
  2. When a new project is created, create a webhook for “new tasks”
  3. The moment a new task is created it will trigger the webhook, no matter which project

This seems the be the only efficient option at this moment. Hope this helps you!

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Hi @Bjorn.drivn.

It’s an interesting approach!

So every time there is a new project, you call the endpoint to create a webhook with resource = projectID and in the filters you check the create action of task?