Attach inline image in Gmail content

Hi Makers, I’m looking to attach different inline images in each email that grabs personalized content from another Google Sheet.

This is what I’m trying to do:

  1. Search rows in a specific google sheet
  2. Send Gmail to recipients in the google sheet
  3. In the Gmail, also attach 1 personalized inline image in the content

I can’t figure out how to attach an inline image in the email content.

  1. How/where to store the image to let the automation grab the image? Can I upload the image directly to the google sheet in Step 1?
  2. How to write HTML code for an attached inline image? I’ve used to generated embedded link in the gmail content. Is there a similar way for inline images?
  3. I’ve looked up the help center on attaching inline images but still can’t figure it out. How exactly to map an inline image?

Are there any resources that could help? Would much appreciate to point me to any directions! :pray:

I don’t think there is a way to use the inline images. But I would recommend you use Google Drive to store the images and put links in the Google Sheets.

Then use Google Drive Download a File module to get the image in the Make environment and use it in subsequent modules.


Hi. As gmail accepts html content in the body, you can try use the base64 image inline.

  1. Download the image
  2. Use the function text Base64
  3. Add the result from base64 in the img html tag. The result must be something like below:


Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:


oooh that sounds like a good way to work around. Thanks very much for this idea!

My first preference is still attaching inline images if possible (since it’s the the most preferable way to engage with recipients), but will definitely try your suggestion to see how it turns out!

Hey thanks so much for this idea! It looks cool but unfortunately I don’t know much about the function text Base64.

I’ve looked up online and Make community, still don’t understand what this function does. Would you mind share a bit more how the function text Base64 works?

Also, if I store the image in Google Drive, would it work in the function text Base64? Thanks!

The base64 approach will not work in your case because to use that you will have to download the file in Make environment and that doesn’t happen when images are embeded in line.

So, the way to handle this is to upload images on Google Drive and store their links in Google sheet row. Then use these images as per your requirements.

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I am having a similar issue. I just want to insert an image into my email. @ManishMandot I have uploaded the image to google drive but cannot get it to insert into the email.