Attach multiple files from "HTTP Get a file" to Email

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We would like to attach multiple files from HTTP Get a file to an Email, as per the attached image:

However, the Email module only seems to allow one incoming link. I have looked at Routers and Aggregators, but they don’t seem to apply. Is this possible, or is there an alternative approach?

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Before Email module you can more than HTTP module in same route and then add all those results in email attachment.

If you have array of Attachment URLs then it’s best to use iterator, HTTP “get a file” and aggregator in one go.

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Thanks for your response, @Princy. I have not used routers or iterators before, so would appreciate more detailed instructions.

I do need to use the Survey123 Create report module twice as each instance can only generate one file, and HTTP Get a file seems to be the only way to retrieve that file. When I attach the Email module to the Router module, the latter can’t access the HTTP Get a file outputs:

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Remove the router. Place create survey, HTTP, create survey, HTTP all one one path. Then the email module will have access to the previous HTTP modules output bundles that you can map into the attachment field. You’ll likely need 2 attachments in the Email module (can add an “item” under attachments) to map the filename and data buffer out of each HTTP module.

The router is used in 2 different potential situations

  1. When you wish to have multiple execution paths from one module. Each path will finish and the next path out of the router will start but it won’t know ANYTHING about the previous path(s) that have been executed. IF you set variable(s) at the end of a path, you CAN reference them in subsequent paths.

  2. When you wish to execute the path’s with a filter after the router. This way you can create conditional set of steps after the router, but the same conditions apply from 1.

If you wish a module to “know” about output bundles all the bundles must be already have executed on the same path before module. Of course any modules before a router will be on the path and have output bundles accessible to it.

If you have aggregators on a path, the module(s) after the aggregator will have access to the aggregator’s output bundles but it won’t “see” any output bundles between the source module of an aggregator and the aggregator.


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