Attachment Gmail

Hello, I created my scenario to arrive at a Gmail email send.
However, I cannot add an attachment to my email.
The document I want to send with my email is a docx that is not currently on google drive.
Could you tell me how to add it as an attachment?

The only way is to have your file previously uploaded to the cloud where it is accessible by an API or modules. Only then you can get the reference to it to be able to attach to your email.


Hi @margot

If you have access to the public URL of the docx file, you can utilize the HTTP module to retrieve the file’s content and then map this data with the attachment.
If not, kindly upload the file to Google Drive, download it, and then add it to the attachment.

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Hi, @Msquare_Automation. What do you mean by downloading it after uploading it to Google Drive? Download where?

@Nathan_Atkinson a module in the scenario downloads it to the current execution, to be accessed/mapped into a field by another module. This uses the organisation’s data transfer quota.