Automated YouTube Bulk Uploads and SEO: Auto Titles, Descriptions & Tags ( OpenAI + Make)

Check out this cool automation that bulk uploads videos to your YouTube channel and handles SEO-based titles, descriptions, hashtags, and more. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s dive in!

In this post, we’ll show you how to automate the upload of bulk videos to YouTube and generate SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and hashtags using OpenAI and Make.

Let’s get started! :rocket:

Step 1: Setting Up Your Scenario in Make

  1. Start with Dropbox: Use Dropbox to list all files in your folder. Connect and select your folder.
  2. Increment Function: Use the increment function to schedule your videos with a 10-day interval.
  3. Create Share Links: Use the Dropbox module to create share links for your videos.

Step 2: Automate SEO with OpenAI

  1. Generate SEO Content: Use the OpenAI module to create titles, descriptions, and hashtags in JSON format. Here’s an example prompt:
    • Role: User
    • Message Content: Generate a JSON output with a title, description, and hashtags for my video.
  2. Parse JSON Output: Use the JSON module to parse the output from OpenAI.

Step 3: Upload to YouTube with Custom Module

  1. Use the Custom YouTube Module: Pass the video URL directly from the share link created earlier.
  2. SEO Parameters: Map the title, description, and hashtags from the JSON output to the YouTube upload parameters.
  3. Schedule Publishing: Set the time difference for publishing your videos. Use the increment function to maintain the 10-day interval.
  4. Move Uploaded Videos: Use the Dropbox module to move uploaded videos to a different folder to prevent duplication.

Example Workflow

  • Dropbox Module: List all files.
  • Increment Function: Schedule videos.
  • OpenAI Module: Generate SEO content.
  • JSON Module: Parse JSON.
  • YouTube Module: Upload videos.
  • Dropbox Module: Move uploaded videos.

Watch the full video on YouTube: LINK

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