Automatic billing

Hello guys,

My name is François COROUGE and I work for a control company in France named SONIK CONSULTING.

Sorry, if my English isn’t perfect I will try to be as accurate as I can in my request.

So basically I am in charge of the company’s billing, we work with AXONAUT and MONDAY.COM exclusively to do so.

We have engineers that verified a data A, when the data is verified then they put it a section that is called ‘closed items” on Mondays’ application.

This Item can have different status which are ‘Paid’, ‘Pending payment’ and ‘Not paid’

What I would like to do is create a bot that will recognize those status and make different action according to the status.

  1. For example if the status is ‘paid’, it will create a PDF, and classified the bill in an other section called’ Paid bills’
  2. If the status is ‘not paid’ then it will automatically generate a bill using our customers information on AXONAUT, put a template that I will have choose for it and put the status to ‘Pending payment’ until it gets paid. So I know I will have to use a third software (PayPal?) that will receive the payment and transfer the information to my bot so it can change the status to ‘Paid’ and classify the file (1.) so my customer doesn’t get billed twice. I’d like also to add an E-mail, using Gmail for example so my customer can receive the bill.
  3. And if the status on Monday’s is ‘Pending payments’ then the bot will, for example every week, send a reminder E-mail to my customer saying “to ‘x’ u haven’t pay ‘y’ bill that have be sent to you at ‘z’ time” then once again when the payment is done, the bot would generate an E-mail with my AXONAUT’s template to my customer and it will execute a change of status on Monday.

I think you get the picture, I don’t expect to get the full solution and I don’t really want to. I’d like to train myself execute those kind of stuff, what I really want to ask if it is is doable ? and if not why ? Perhaps you are lacking informations to answer me properly?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


Hi @Tutti

In the given description it seems it is feasible. Please verify whether the modules in Axonaut are available. If they are not, consider attempting to create an API call.

If you require additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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Thanks my man I started I will come back to you with the full result I hope very soon :slight_smile: