Automatically posting video files from dropbox to

Hey everyone, I want to set up a dropbox folder where ever time a new video file is uploaded to the folder, it automatically posts the video to It’s a pretty simple process, but I’m stuck at this point:

Is the source URL basically the sharable link to the file? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to put in this field.

Thanks for the help!

You might need to use “Create/Update a Share Link” module to get a public URL for the file.


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Thanks for the advice on this one samliew. I used the create/update, and now the scenario does manage to upload something to, but it’s not actually a video. The name is correct, but I’m not sure what the file is that it uploads. Here is what I’m working with currently:

And this is what get’s uploaded to

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I’m stuck in the same situation. Did you figure this out?