Automating Emails from Airtable

I have the following automation accomplished in Zapier where I pull records when a record is created and send out emails.
I cannot do this in Zapier as a solution because it would cost 130.00 a month for the number I would need to send out.
I cannot do this natively in airtable because i would send more than 100 emails some days.
How do I accomplish this same thing with Integromat?

Thanks for advice

Where have you stuck??? You can use watch records module then send email module of gmail, Microsoft or whatever you use…

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It really depends on what you do in airtable?

Can you be more detailed on the process?

The process in Airtable is : record is created, triggers webhook. The webhook sends email componenets over. I have it working to pull the information and send an email over. The problem I am running into now is that URL’s are getting chopped off.

Here’s how the email looks when sent with Zapier:

Here’s how the email looks when sent with Integromat:

I believe the issue lies somewhere in the following pictures. Here is what airtable says it is sending:
Airtable hook sends
Here is what integromat says it recieves:
Integromat webhook recieves
The hide and prefill sections that integromat seems to recieve are supposed to be tied to the other sections. I don’t understand why it is separating the parts of the URLs.

Let me know if you need more clarification.


I think an actually better way to explain the issue is as follows.
Here is the exact information airtable says it’s sending:

Here is the exact information make says it’s recieving:

What seems to be the problem is that integromat is breaking up the URL’s wherever there is a & into new categories or is using the & in the url as an operator.

Any advice appreciated!



you could put the link into a completely new column and use it as a URL TYPE.

After this, compose the message in integromat.

It should be quite straight forward.

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Are you talking about putting the links in a new collumn in airtable as URL type?



And then use that variable to compose the message in make directly.

Make is still using the & as an operator to seperate out the categories in the same way.


Your solution still had the same problem. Are there any other possible alternatives?



I would need to personally take a look at this, it doesn’t seem to be a difficult problem to be honest but it’s hard to see why it’s not working for you with the current information. :slight_smile: