Automating lead exportation to google sheets

Hello Everyone,
I’m new to and trying to figure out how do I make the leads generated in unbounce landing page automatically register in google excel sheets, Please help me in this area.
explain like I’m 5 years old.

here is the official make walkthrough.

I am working on giving you a more specific walkthrough in a little while, but will only be available to write it once I get back to my computer.

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Process Unbounce Data With Make (A Complete Step by Step Guide)

Get Started In

Apologies for the delay, here it is @Makeisgreat Hope it helps!

1. Create New Scenario

:exclamation: You Can Click any of these headers that have the icon, to see the image.

2. Add your First Module

3. Search for "Unbounce"

4. Chose the "watch form submissions module"

5. Click Add, to create webhook

6. Name your Webhook:

:question: Webhooks are used to transfer information from one webpage/webserver/webapp to another.
In this situation it is triggered by a user filling out the form and clicking submit.

7. Save Your Webhook:

8. Copy Your Webhook Address:

9. Click OK to save what you have done so far

Also save your scenario.

Unbounce Page Designer and Form.

:mega: This Following Instruction Set Relates to the Unbounce Classic editor.

10. Click on your form in unbounce.

11a. Click the Confirmation dropdown: Select Post Form Data to URL.

Click on the URL input in Form Confirmation. (right sidebar)

11b. Paste the webhook here. (ctrl + V)

12. Click the Target Dropdown: And Select Parent Frame.

13. Check the box next to: Append Data to URL

Back to Make

14. Click Add Module:

15. Add Google Sheets

16. Click: Add Row

17. Connect Google Sheets to integromat (it will guide you)

Then select your file, and sheet tab.

18. Fill in your Variables.

:information_source: If you need help splitting the answers into multiple cells ill write a separate tutorial for that!

19. Save your sheets module.

20. Save your scenario!

21. Start Your Scenario!

It will run automatically when the form is submitted!

Made with Scribe

Made by JugaadiTech with Scribe

I will provide a scribe markdown export re-formatter make scenario blueprint(for make community formatting) for y’all if there is interest.


Thank you for being very descriptive about the approach,
I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for taking the time to break this down so neatly @JugaadiTech :purple_heart:
Super impressive & super valuable!