Automating the sending of messages on a private car rental platform (GetAround)

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I use the GetAround application (car rentals between private individuals) to rent out several vehicles.
I’d like to automate the sending of messages (by email, SMS or other means) to renters once they’ve validated a rental. These messages contain certain variables included in the rental information (full name, pick-up location, time, etc.).
There is no automation available on their platform and application. I was thinking of creating an automation with Make if there are APIs with Getaround that allow it. There’s the following site ( but as my knowledge of automation is still limited, I have to admit that it looks complex.

So I’d like to know if anyone has seen automation/solutions for this type of case on GetAround? I could also use your advice and recommendations on this particular case!

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Here’s a suggested workflow you can consider:
Start by setting up a trigger in Integromat, such as a webhook or a scheduled trigger, to initiate the automation.
Use the HTTP module in Integromat to make requests to the GetAround API ( and retrieve the necessary rental information. You’ll need to authenticate with the API using the appropriate credentials provided by GetAround.
Once you have the rental information, you can utilize other modules in Integromat, such as the Email module or the SMS module, to send personalized messages to the renters. You can include the relevant variables from the rental information in the message content.
Configure the message templates, recipients, and other details in the chosen communication module. You may need to set up the necessary connections or credentials for the chosen communication method (e.g., SMTP server for emails or an SMS gateway for SMS messages).
Test and run your scenario to ensure that the messages are being sent correctly to the renters with the desired variables included.
While the integration with GetAround may require some custom API requests, using Integromat’s flexibility and various modules, you can automate the process of sending personalized messages to renters seamlessly.
If you need further assistance or guidance during the setup, don’t hesitate to seek Support
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@Aurelien26 It’s theoretically possible - but probably not practically possible at present.

Looking at the API documentation, I think you’d have a Make scenario to receive a Webhook from GetAround. You’d also need a Make scenario sending a HTTP request to Create a Webhook Subscription for the Charge Event in the first place.

In their blog, they say “While our API is open to our current partners, we’re willing to work with other select partners to develop new integrations that enhance the carsharing experience for everyone on our platform” - so it sounds like the API isn’t yet generally available.

If you have a line of communication with GetAround themselves, you might want to suggest that they partner up with Make! :wink:

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Hello to both of you !

Thanks a lot for those precious answer. I will try to contact the platform to get more information.

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