Automating the sending of messages on a private car rental platform

Hello everyone,

I use the GetAround application (car rentals between private individuals) to rent out several vehicles.
I’d like to automate the sending of messages from their plateform to renters once they’ve validated a rental. These messages contain certain variables included in the rental information (full name, pick-up location, time, etc.).
There is no automation available on their platform. I was thinking of creating an automation with their APIs and Make with the following site for API (Owner API documentation)

I have successfully created my webhook and etablish the connection to GetAround with a token but i am receiving every notifications from the plateform and i only want the notification when there is a " New rental booked for one of your cars" (as you can see below with the screenshot).

I have try to edit the data structures of the Webhook as follow to filter the notification but i am not receiving any informations anymore.

So I’d like to know if anyone as any advices and recommendations on this particular case! As my knowledge of automation is still limited, I have to admit that it looks complex.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

Hello @Aurelien26,

I am not familiar with the GetAround API, but if you can’t subscribe to specific events and you have no option to receive all of them, what you can do is add a filter in your scenario. After the webhook module, click the wrench to add a filter, and this will allow the scenario to continue past that first module only if it meets certain criteria, such as type=“rental.booked”.


I’ve just looked at the documentation, and it looks like there is no way to create a webhook just for a specific event type, so Donald is right - you’ll have to use a filter.

You should not need to set a JSON Data structure - it mostly helps in mapping.


Thank you it works perfectly !

Thank you a lot for your advice !


If you want to do something immediately when your webhook receives the “rental.booked” event, then the same scenario can be used, (as opposed to sending an email scheduled in the future).


Thanks for the feedback, I’ve been able to build the beginnings of a scenario but I get stuck pretty quickly:

I was able to set up the Webhook “New rental booked for one of your cars” with a filter that allows me to receive only notifications of new bookings, but I only have the reservation number and not the vehicle concerned (I have more than 15 vehicles on the platform and each vehicle requires a different message to be sent). So I thought I’d look for the car number linked to the reservation using the Get “Find a rental by ID” function.

  • Then, once you’ve found the car ID, you need to identify which car model is linked to this number, using the Get “Find a car by ID” function:

  • Finally, I was thinking of creating personalized messages for each car, with filters to use the Post function “Create Message associated to a rental”.

However, I can’t use the Get and Post functions for these different steps. I’ve tried many different HTTP modules (mainly “Make a request”) but I can’t get each step to work.

Hi @Aurelien26!

The Getaround Owner API docs note that it uses Bearer authentication.

To use this in Make, you need to use the Make an API Key Auth request module. There’s a Bearer authentication example in the HTTP App help here.

Make sure to set API key placement as “In the header” and API Key parameter name as “Authorization”.