Azure devops: how to link related work

Our goal is to create a user story in Azure devops : that is ok
BUT we need to have a “related work” to our story : that is not ok

We test with :
“parent field” in this field we put the id of the feature in devops : ko, the related work is not creted

“Related Link Count” with the same : ko

we test the 2 fields adding : id of feature / path of feature / url of feature nothing work.

Do you know what information devops needs to add in Make to have the related work in devops ?

For information, in devops, this is the field where we want to have the link “related work” :

PS : is it possible to create the tag “devops” for this topic. It is not in the list (Asana exist)


I’m not familiar with Azure devops, but have you tried to search or get another work item before trying to add the ID in there?


If you need further assistance, please provide the following:

1. Scenario blueprint

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(Note: Exporting your scenario will not include private information or keys to your connections)

Uploading it here will look like this:

blueprint.json (12.3 KB)

2. And most importantly, Output bundles

Please provide the output bundles of the modules by running the scenario, then click the white speech bubble on the top-right of each module and select “Download output bundles”.


Save the bundle contents in your text editor as a bundle.txt file, and upload it here into this discussion thread.

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bundle.txt (12.3 KB)


If you are unable to upload files on this forum, alternatively you can paste the formatted output bundle in this manner:

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    input/output bundle content goes here

  • Or use the format code button in the editor:

Providing the output bundles will allow others to replicate what is going on in the scenario even if they do not use the external service.

Following these steps will allow others to assist you here. Thanks!


Thank you very much for this tips.

So i export and clean the blueprint.json :
blueprint.json (49.3 KB)
i make many test and in this blueprint missing this line :

                "System.AreaId": "xxxx",
                "System.Parent": "12345",
                "System.Description": "la description de ma tâche avec son contenu",
                "System.Tags": "monTag",

And i have the bundle also clean (but i can’t add .txt file so :

Item Type	User Story
Project	xxxx
Tags	monTag
Title	TEST MAKE - TEST MAKE - test du 23/01/24
Area ID	xxxx
Parent	10394
Description	la description de ma tâche avec son contenu
Iteration ID	xxxx
Acceptance Criteria	mon test d'acceptance
        "id": 10505,
        "rev": 1,
        "url": "xxxx",
        "System.AreaPath": "xxxx",
        "System.TeamProject": "xxxx",
        "System.IterationPath": "xxxx",
        "System.WorkItemType": "User Story",
        "System.State": "New",
        "System.Reason": "New",
        "System.CreatedDate": "2024-01-23T08:28:40.730Z",
        "System.CreatedBy": {xxxx},
        "System.ChangedDate": "2024-01-23T08:28:40.730Z",
        "System.ChangedBy": {xxxx},
        "System.CommentCount": 0,
        "System.Title": "TEST MAKE - TEST MAKE - test du 23/01/24",
        "System.BoardColumn": "New",
        "System.BoardColumnDone": false,
        "Microsoft.VSTS.Common.StateChangeDate": "2024-01-23T08:45:55.040Z",
        "Microsoft.VSTS.Common.Priority": 2,
        "Microsoft.VSTS.Common.ValueArea": "Business",
        "WEF_34AC4527DE104584BA5F8513BA56D2C4_Kanban.Column": "New",
        "WEF_34AC4527DE104584BA5F8513BA56D2C4_Kanban.Column.Done": false,
        "WEF_7873157CBD7C412FAB388FABAA96D559_Kanban.Column": "New",
        "WEF_7873157CBD7C412FAB388FABAA96D559_Kanban.Column.Done": false,
        "WEF_6F65EE8DCC0D42D88D678919A254ECA9_Kanban.Column": "New",
        "WEF_6F65EE8DCC0D42D88D678919A254ECA9_Kanban.Column.Done": false,
        "System.Description": "la description de ma tâche avec son contenu",
        "Microsoft.VSTS.Common.AcceptanceCriteria": "mon test d'acceptance",
        "System.Tags": "monTag"

I see in the output all my content : title / description /… but not the “parent” field oO

Could you help me ?
I think, id is not in the good field but i don’t now

after more research, i find this :

but it seems not implemented in this module :frowning:

How could I find out who created this module and whether they can modify it ?

That’s a great idea! I’m sure others would agree that this is a nice feature to have.

You can submit this suggestion to the Idea exchange, under App improvement ideas.

Don’t forget to search for it first, just in case someone already suggested it, so that you don’t end up creating a duplicate.


I suggest this new feature :


You can complete this by making an API call to ADO. I’m doing something similar to add links to related documents after creating a work item. It’s a PATCH operation that requires JSON detailed here

Check out the ADO API docs since you can do pretty much anything in ADO using MAKE you just may need to resort to calling the API this way instead of using the prebuilt actions the Make app provides.