Best Messenger app for recommendation service

Hi everyone,

I want to create a service that gives recommendations to my subscribers via a messaging service every day. It might handle sensitive data.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Whatsapp Business versus Telegram versus signal?

I saw that Make does not have a signal app, which is quite disappointing.

It would be great if you can share your experience.
Thanks everyone

tbh heads up: I’m no expert to your specific question. Just had similar questions, googled and built something that works for me.

It depends a lot a your “sensitive data” and what kind of worst-case scenario you have. If you don’t want anybody or any institution to have access to that data, I would not send it over the Internet. Unless MAYBE if you are super nerdy and know your way around private VPNs, heavy encryption etc.

In terms of messengers and their data policy: Signal seems to be the most trust-worthy one but as you said, they haven’t yet released any 3rd party integration possibilities.

  • Telegram: Unless it is a “secret chat”, Telegram or any authority can access and read messages
  • Whatsapp: Chats theoretically have end-to-end encryption but there are a lot of “buts”.

The biggest: as soon as you use something like to build your service, you no longer operate within the ende-to-end encrypted chats between two devices. I don’t think it is possible to build the kind of service you have in mind with no code / low code tools. You would have to own and host everything yourself to have some level of certainty about data security.

Having said that: If the “sensitive data” is sensitive in that way that you want to ensure their neighbours can’t find out about them getting recommendations for naughty bedroom devices then I’d say “go for it, they won’t”. But If you don’t want any authority, intelligence agency, internet provider or data miner to read the messages, then you’d have to set up a postal mailing service.

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