Best way to chain together OpenAI prompts?

I have a list of prompts that I want to chain together, so that the response of one prompt is used in the next prompt, similar to the screenshot below.

Essentially carrying on a conversation thread.

What is the best way to set this up that DOESN’T involve just chaining the modules together (like in my screenshot)?

Main reason is that I want to make it dynamic, so that I could have a 3 prompt sequence or a 10 prompt sequence all run in the same scenario.


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Delete all the OpenAI modules and use the Message an Assistant module, where you can use the same thread id.

This way you only need a single AI module.

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Thanks, I haven’t used that OpenAI action yet. The only thing is, I use different LLMs that don’t all have pre-built modules that let you keep the same thread id. So I was curious what would be a module-agnostic way to accomplish this…would I have to set up some sort of temp data store to store all the prompts and responses, then aggregate them all together at the end?