Big JSON data to single bundles

Hello. Advise how to make a chain to implement the following funnel.
I need to translate JSON content from several thousand strings like these:
“main_id”: “445”,
“id”: 0,
“lang”: “es”,
“lang_id”: “67”,
“name”: “name”,
“h1”: “header 1”,
“metaTitle”: “metaTitle text”,
“metaDesc”: { “metaDesc”,
“desc”: “text.”
I will be giving a list of these elements via Google Docs. Then I want to give each individual item to be translated to GPT. However, I have a problem. I don’t understand how I can make many individual packages out of a large JSON to send to GPT and then how to collect all the translated packages in a document. Please give me some advice.

If they are in an array, you can use an Iterator module to iterate the array, send each collection item to a translation service (not necessarily OpenAI), and then aggregate the results back into an array (or text (including JSON) if you want to use a Text Aggregator).

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