Bitrix24 app no longer available?

Unfortunately the Bitrix24 app is not available anymore on bitrix24 marketplace.
I have written to their support and they said that it’s a issue.

Can you please restore it?

For technical issues or bugs like this, directly contacting support can often lead to a faster resolution. They have access to your specific account details, scenario and scenario logs, server-side logs, and internal tools and resources, which allows them to investigate more thoroughly than what you have access to. Additionally, sharing sensitive information about your situation might not be suitable for an open forum discussion.

You can open a new ticket, or if you are unable to login for some reason, you also can reach support using the contact form on the website.

If you manage to get your issue resolved with support, we’d still love to hear about it! Sharing your solution on the forum can help others facing similar problems.

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Hello @Evolve_Marketing welcome to the Make Community :wave:

I’m not entirely familiar with how the Bitrix24 marketplace operates but the app is still available in Make. You can explore all the available Bitrix24 modules on this page.

To set up a connection with Bitrix24 in Make, you can follow the step-by-step instructions outlined in our Help Center.

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Unfortunately not.
Bitrix24 has its own marketplace within it and the app owned by disappeared a few days ago.
Currently there is no way to link an app to bitrix24 from without that connector app.
I tried to connect it from the side but it tells me to install the app on bitrix24.
So the problem is this.
Bitrix24 is currently used by over 10 million organisations worldwide, from corporations to non-profits, so that could be a huge market to cover with your product (Zapier still works, but I want to use make).
Can you please check it out?

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Sorry to hear about that.

When this happens to me, I start looking for workarounds via the API.

For example, the Wix module in Make doesn’t have an option to create a blog post. I went around it by calling the API directly.

Found this on Bitrix’s site, hope it helps!

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Hello again, @Evolve_Marketing and thank you very much for the additional context.

I see that you’ve opened a ticket with us, which is the perfect thing to do in situations like this. Our support team has all the necessary tools to investigate this and escalate it to our developers if needed.

Thank you for raising this here in the community, and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. :pray:

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Hi, I have the same problem, I’v contacted make support but still no answer to my ticket…
did you get one? do you have any info if there is a way to connect Bitrix?
Thanks :wink:

Hi Paolo I have found the solution by myself.

You have to follow the old documentation tutorial here:

If doesn’t work you can try with:

I don’t remember the exact combination.
I have recorded a small video to guide you on the bitrix24 part:

For the rest of the integration you can follow the guide.
After click save it generate Client ID and Client Secret.

After you have to go to and start a new scenario.

Here a second short video about where to input Client ID and Client Secret:

I hope this can help you!


Hi :slight_smile: I see you are Italian like me
thanks for the info and the videos
as far as I understand you showed me how to setup an integration FROM Bitrix TO make
but I have to do the other way around and I think it’s different

I have a scenario like this

so I need to send data TO Bitrix and need to authorize/authenticate

in order to do that, asks for the Bitrix url and if I set that, this is what happens

and I think it is because expect my Bitrix to have the app from the marketplace which doesn’t exist anymore

by the way I tried to replicate what you did in the videos, but if I click on developer tools I do not have a “Local app” option but just the webhooks ones… does this mean I have to buy an higher plan of Bitrix to enable that?

Thanks a lot

Ciao Paolo (sono quasi diventato vostro cliente :rofl: venditore a distanza)

Il tuo flusso è praticamente lo stesso che cercavo di realizzare io, ovvero da un flusso di marketing a Bitrix24.

Sono riuscito a farlo funzionare se vuoi ti ho scritto in privato sul linkedin, ti aiuto volentieri.

Hey @Evolve_Marketing

I just wanted to let you know that I translated your question into English since that’s the official language of the community. :arrow_down:

Hello Paolo (I’ve almost become your client :joy: distance seller)
Your flow is practically the same as what I was trying to achieve, namely from a marketing flow to Bitrix24.
I managed to make it work, if you want I wrote to you privately on LinkedIn, I’m happy to help you.

By keeping the content in one language, we give everybody the chance to step in and help you.

Note: Please read our Code of conduct and get familiar with the rules and guidelines that apply here in our community. This way we keep the community organized and neat for everybody.
Thank you very much

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Hello everyone @here

I just wanted to let you know that after some discussions with Bitrix, the app is now back on the marketplace. :white_check_mark:

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.
Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.


Hello everyone i have the same problem with connection to bitrix24
ERROR_OAUTH: Application not installed