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I’ve got troubles with an if-formula.
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Because my text should have opening and closing brackets, the formula takes the closing bracket for its own and undermines my intention …

{{if(1.Straße = emptystring & 1.Hausnummer = emptystring; 1.PLZ + 1.Ort + " (Straße und Hausnummer wurden nicht angegeben")}};{{if(1.Straße != emptystring & 1.Hausnummer != emptystring; 1.Straße + 1.Hausnummer + “, " + 1.PLZ + 1.Ort; 1.PLZ + 1.Ort + " (Straße oder Hausnummer wurden nicht angegeben”)}}))

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Hi @Martin ,

This is something that can be annoying indeed.
How I usually solve this is by adding an extra closing bracket. This will be interpreted as text instead of the closing bracket for the function, and then delete the closing tag that was inserted first.
As you can see in this GIF

Another possibility is to copy the closing bracket and paste it whenever you need it. The editor will not notice the keystroke on your keyboard for the closing bracket and will just place it as text.

Hope this helps you out!
Glenn - Callinetic


Thank you Glenn,

that’s it. So easy. :see_no_evil:

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