Brand new to Make - I would LOVE some help with my 1st connection 🙏

I would like to create a connection between my Unleashed Inventory system and Hubspot CRM.

I want the Order status and Required by date in Unleashed to be linked to fields in a corresponding Hubspot ticket to show the status and dates and be updated when they update.

I hope this is possible.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to learn Make and happy to pay someone for their support. I’d also love to know other ways we can perhaps use Make.

Looking forward to chatting with someone who can help me.


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Yes we can create the automation and integration unleashed inventory system to hubspot crm according to your scope of work like order status required by date wise, linked to field in hubspot ticket to show and dates automattically


How do you propose I engage with with you?

sure we can engage with you, we have sent you linkedin request

Thanks, I can’t see any notifications on my LInkedin?

We have rich experience in both Unleashed Inventory and Hubspot CRM implementation and automation

We can assist you to develop integration between Unleashed Inventory and Hubspot CRM.

However, we would like to take a an exploration call to understand the business case and automation requirements before we proceed for a formal engagement.

Hello, My name is Alex Sirota and I am the founder of NewPath Consulting. We are a 4-year old partner. We offer a one hour video call where we explain and show how Make can help your organization. We even build some scenarios and share them with you so get more value than a usual exploratory discussion.

Book some time with me at Hero - NewPath Consulting I look forward to talking to you and your team should they join us. It’s only $99 USD per hour and you can book at increments of one hour at a time.

We can help you with your integration question. And you learn along the way.

How can we connect with each other through and we can understand each and everthing process and workflow as per your need so please let me know

Hello Kellie,

I am from Growwstacks Automation Solutions. We are Gold Partners with and Automation Experts, and we’ve created 20+ custom apps and delivered over 500 automation projects in the last 12 months. We’ve worked for Make Technical Support and solved over 5000+ technical issues & complex cases.

Happy to help you build your dream automation and scale your business.

Let’s Schedule the call and discuss this in more detail. I look forward to talking to you and your team should they join us.

Our standard rates are $50 per hour, although consultation is Free.

We can help you with your integrations, implementations, support, improvement, training, and services and you can also learn along the way!

Thanks and Regards
Sachin Karma
GrowwStacks Automation Soluions

Hello Kellie,
I just read your message. I can help you with this.
I can make it for you or I can provide you mentoring (then we do it together)
You can send me a meeting request : or book a meeting in my calendy : Calendly - Ulysse Grosjean