Break - Auto Retry Attempts - How do they work?

Hi guys,

I am struggling with the Break module, and I just can’t make it to do anything meaningful.

How I imagine the Break Module should be working:

  • If I make an HTTP request, and it returns “Server is busy”,

  • The break module will catch the error, as I have set a filter for this particular error, and it will try to re-run the HTTP request “X number of attempts” in “X minutes of time”.

However, I first CANNOT make the Break module to “retry” the HTTP module.

My second objective is that it does not finish a scenario run before it has retried the “X number of attempts” as it is wasting my money in useless operations, but also in other tools, such as ChatGPT. This means - I want it to make an HTTP request, if the server is busy, retry in 1 min, if the server is still busy, retry again, etc, get the data and only then continue with the scenario, if NOT then mark it as an incomplete scenario run.

Here is all the reading I did, and I couldn’t find any useful information on the topic:

I can say that the documentation for this module is insufficient on how the attempts work in general and how do they work in relation to other scenario runs.

From the last video I also understood that “attempts” do not work in “Run Once” mode, but instead work only on scheduled scenarios, which does not make any sense to me. Is this true?

Here is what I am trying to do with examples

If the HTTP module returns “server is busy”, retry again in “X amount of time”, however if it manages to pull the data, I want to continue on the upper route

Instead, this never happens, even I look at the “Incomplete execution history” and the time for attempts has passed.

Here are my Break module settings:

Here are my scenario settings:

Any ideas of how I can achieve these 2 goals with the Break module?

Hi @Alexander_Petkov
Just check the incomplete execution

for more details refer:

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Hi Msquare Automation,

I don’t understand how my checking the incomplete execution solves anything.

I don’t want to be checking 5000 incomplete executions because of the poorly set up scenario.

That’s why I am trying to get to a solution that “retries” the HTTP module a few times waiting for a bit between each attempt before continuing to the next scenario execution.

I am just struggling to understand how to properly set up the Break module or if I at all should be using the Break module.


The breakpoint should function as expected. Unfortunately, without access to your scenario, we’re unable to investigate further.

However, I’m suggesting an alternative method using sleep in error handler.

Please try with the same.


Instead of the Break directive in the error handling route, insert a Sleep module (300 seconds) followed by a clone of the failing HTTP module.

Then, at the end you use the Resume directive to map the results of the cloned HTTP module.

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Hi Sam, thanks for your input. That seems like a great idea. I see where you are going with this.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work, so I need a bit more help with two questions here.

  • One is regarding the setup of the Resume module in regards to the error.
  • The second is regarding the setup of the Resume module in regards to the data.

Setting up the Resume Module

I have read

and also watched

However, I see differences between the previous version of the module and the new layout that confuse me of how it should be Set up.

Here is the module version from the official tutorials:

Here is how it looks now:

Challenges that I face

I cannot seem to trigger this route

Here is an example with 2 bundles. One passing through the default route, but the other one not passing through the error route.

Even though I have set this up as a “Fallback route”

I would assume that has something to do with the setup of the Resume Module.

I am not sure the “Status Code” to what exactly it refers, as I have 2 status codes in my HTTP request.

Data field setup for the Resume Module

I am not sure what to select as my data, as I cannot take the whole response from the HTTP response. I am just not sure if the follow-up modules will use it correctly.

Here is an example of a module that will use the output of HTTP 40 if the request is successful. I would assume that the Resume module will pass the data to module HTTP 40, as if it was a successful request.

Last question that I couldn’t find an answer to

What are the Headers and Cookie Headers used for in the Resume module? If there is a particular link I can read, please feel free to share it. Thank you!

Really appreciate your help, Sam! You have always provided much insight

The error handler should begin from the HTTP make a request module.

You don’t need an actual router.

If you’re not going to reference them, you don’t need to map that in the resume module.

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