Breaking GPTs OUTPUT to GOOGLE SHEET by row

Hi all, I´m very new to MAKE and AUTOMATION. What I´m working on is the creation of GPT base Instagram Carousels ranging from 7 to 10 slides each.

the 1st module is a GOOGLE SHEET Watch New Rows, directing to a GPT Completion Module with a customized Prompt of the carousel structure and language instruction, etc. The OUTPUT should be pasted to a 2nd TAB at the original GOOGLE SHEET. Which goes smoothly. What I´m trying to do now is an improvement of the output to GOOGLE SHEET that is, when GPT “writes” for me the carousel content, it is all recognized as 1 text. and I´m trying to break it by rows:

Slide 1:
"Carousel Text 1 "

Slide 2:
“Carousel Text 2”

Slide 3:
“Carousel Text 3.”

Slide 4:
“Carousel Text 4”

Slide 5:
“Carousel Text 5”

Slide 6:
“Carousel Text 6”

Slide 7:
“Carousel Text 7”

Slide 8:
“Carousel Text 8”

Slide 9:
“Carousel Text 9”

Slide 10 (CTA Slide):
"Carousel Text 10

As of now, the this is all pasted to SHEETS as one row… so all the text exampled above is pasted in row 2 for example. What I want to do is remove the “Slide 8:” or “#### Slide X:” wording it comes from GPT output and paste each slide text in a row under the other… lets say in this case from row 2 to 11 and so forth as I generate more and more material.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Have you tried tweaking your GPT output to not add the “Slide X:” wording?

Another option is to use a text parser with a regular expression. I’ve done this with my output and it can split the text into multiple entries split on the “###” sequence.

You can find more details here:


I would probably do something like this:

Chat GPT Message:
"Your job is to turn content into text for a carousel social media post. Each completion will convert the input text into a high quality captivating yet concise series of 8 text outputs each representing one slide. Each individual text output must not be longer than 35 characters long, the individual outputs when put together with seamlessly create an organized cohesive post.

Output each output for each slide without saying slide 1, slide 2, etc. t needs to be the text only ready for copying and pasting. In the final completion separate each line of text with the characters “###”

Then use the Tools > Set Variable Module and use this formula (But replace “||” with “###”) :

THEN the output will look something like this:

Then you can use the split elements by selecting the array…

And then entering 1,2,3 etc in between the brackets like this:

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 11.24.17 p.m.

*this should at least point you in the right direction

@ryebag thank you! this is awesome! just implemented it. took me a while to figure out the split[1], split [2] and so on´, I did it in Google Sheets

it did most of what I wanted. I have all slides text in each column. Now will work to transpose them automatically, as I will use them as line itens.

Since I´m new to all this automation stuff, I´m working in bricks of parts of what I want. The end goal is to have the posts created, and after I revise it and approve it automatically populates a pre-set Canva template and post it for me, according to a Posting Schedule that I will work to build also using NOTION.

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