Bundle array from external API


I’m trying to integrate a CRM to my plataform. The actual Scenario is:

The basic workflow is:

  1. First module listen for a webhook when a deal is won.
  2. After that, I get the key of deal and in another module request the api of CRM to get custom fields of the deal, like: the number of machines and the price of each one.

The problem is, when I try to reach the custom field information (that is an array that has name | valeu par of informations), I couldn’t store it in a variable in a simple way. I find the interator mudule, and even using it with a set multiple variable module it does’t works because when I try to access it later, it only stores the first element of array.

Finally I have to use the interator module and after the data store module to allow me to access the informations after, in the end of the flow, that I need to call the last module. But I’m quick sure that it isn’t the best way to solve this problem.

Any one had the same problem?