Bundle Validation Error-- Missing value of required parameter--Xero + Google Sheets to Shipstation

I’ve created a campaign that is working until I get to the end module.

  1. Xero > Watch Quotes – Every time a Quote is created in Xero (accounting software similar to Quickbooks), it triggers.
  2. Filter > Quote marked as sent
  3. Xero > Get Contact – Information is pulled from Xero’s contact area that is missing from the Quotes but is needed by Shipstation.
  4. Google Sheets > Search Rows (Advanced) – Country code is pulled from Google Sheets that is missing from Quotes but is needed by Shipstation

And guessing this is where things fall apart
5. Iterator > Breaking out Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Quote line items so they will be recognized in ShipStation.
6. Array aggregator

  1. Shipstation >
    a. Pulling most of the req’d data from the Module 1.
    b. pulling array data from 6. Array aggregator such as address pieces, phone number pieces, and quote line items

Everything works until we get to the 7. Shipstation Module. At one point it even went all the way through, but now it won’t. Unsure how I broke it. I am getting the error:

Bundle Validation Error-- Missing value of required parameter ‘name’

‘name’ (assuming I’m understanding how this works) is used for the vendor name and is coming from 1. Quote. Shipstation is requiring the vendor’s name in 3 locations within the module.

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Got it. So basically there is an issue with the iterator output. You can see it is returning all Collection, Collection Collection. Because you mapped multiple arrays there.

The best way to handle it is using the Get and Map functions, so you wouldn’t need to use Iterator and Array Aggregator modules at all.

Watch my video here to learn how to use the GET and MAP function.