Calendar loop - endless duplication

Hey everyone,

I´m new to That’s why I’m afraid that I’m just incredibly stuck… So please forgive me if the question is totally stupid. But I haven’t actually found anything suitable in the topics.

I would like to create a synchronization between my two Outlook calendars (I work in two companies). It is important that the appointments of company 1 are really added as appointments in the calendar of company 2 (and vice versa), so that nobody in company 2 can add new appointments here. I would like the information to be as “superficial” as possible so that no details are transferred from one company to the other (preferably only the status “not available”).

However, this creates a loop: If a new appointment is created in calendar 2, if one is entered in calendar 1 and vice versa, the two calendars continue to duplicate each other. To solve this, I wanted to add a filter, that checks if the appointment already exists in the calendar. However, I am missing the second condition here - what do I have to specify here so that everything works correctly? Or is it the wrong idea anyway? Would you solve this differently?

I would be very grateful for any help! Thanks :smile:

The current filter:

The completed data in the target calendar: