Can I create this in make? [set monthly limit based on user]

Hey guys, so I’m new here and was planning on switching over from zapier but I had a quick question about a certain use case I was looking at performing in make.

So I made a little app in Softr that lets business owners send SMS review requests to customers. The way it works is through a web hook and twilio. When a business owner(my user) submits a review request form in softr it sends a web hook containing information like Customer Name, Number, Business Name and Review link. I then feed this to twilio to send a templated sms message using the above data taken from softr.

My problem is that all my users are connected to one scenario and everything is personalized through variables so I have no way of tracking messages sent on a user level.
Ideally I would like a way to set a monthly limit on how many requests a user can send so that I don’t get any users that would abuse the system. Softr doesn’t have a form submission limit option so that’s out to equation.

So I wanted to know if there’s a filter or something I can put in on a user level using any of the variables like Business Name. Cause business name gets sent along with the webhook. So could I possibly say like if requests that contain business name (Pete’s Coffee) exceeds 500 then stop until x date or something?

I would just like to implement something so that users can’t over send messages in my app.

Hi @monocode,

Yes, you can do this via Make. What you need to do is use, Make’s Data Store which you can use as a database to store the business name and also the number of SMS sent.

Please do let me know if you want further help on this.

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Hi thanks for the reply, I’ll take a look at Datastore. Seems like limiting on a user level will be too advanced for me. If I decide to use Plivo or twilio there’s also message logs in there that I can keep track of.

I’ve looked more into it and it seems like keeping and updating tally of requests sent by businesses then filtering that to send sms if it’s under a certain number and resetting it every month might be too advanced for me. I was looking for solutions to protect my app from SMS Pump Fraud so my bill doesn’t rack up in Plivo/Twilio just in case an account gets compromised.

An easier way I guess would be for me to pause and operation or scenario if it exceeds x amount in a month then it resets to 0 the next month. So it offers simpler level of protection that protects from spammers and fraud if they happen to access my app. What would be the process of doing this and can it be done?