Can I loop 2016 times (with Repeater) a Sleep module in Make?


I don’t know if it’s possible (and not too expensive in cost) to delay the execution of a module by 7 days (so to execute a module 7 days after another module) doing this: I loop 2016 times (with a Repeater) a Sleep module of 300 seconds then execute the next module (after the sleep module which has been repeated 2016 times). That would execute the next module 2016 x 300 s = 604800 seconds later, meaning 7 days later.

Can I do that or will I exceed the execution time of the scenario by using that way? And if I can do that, will that cost a lot?

I am new to and am not sure to understand how “execution time” works in this app.

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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You should use a Cron job module to schedule a callback to another scenario’s custom webhook trigger module instead.

For more information, see Is it possible to delay for more than 5 minutes or schedule further executions? - #2 by samliew

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Hi @nhhthematrix,

Welcome to the Make Community! In your scenario, everything after the Repeater will be repeated. If you set the Repeater to 2016, the sleep module + Intercom module will be triggered 2016 times. I doubt that is your intention… :slight_smile:

There is a maximum of 300 seconds for the Sleep module. If it is your intention to ‘delay’ the scenario midway for longer than the Sleep module allows you to, there is a clever trick:



Hi, thank you so much for the video link, it will help for sure :slight_smile: