Can you sync the Page Content of a Notion DB record (or just the Properties)?

Hey All,

Following Mattias Frank’s tutorial, I have successfully built an automation that syncs pages from one private Notion db into a public Notion db so that I can share data with clients who should not see all of the records. It works great!

I am curious though…does anyone know if you can sync the page content (not the properties, but the template content from the bottom half of a page) as well?


Hi Myers,
Syncing the page content in Notion is possible and a bit more complicated than syncing database properties. You can use the “List page contents” module in Make, and then “Append page contents” to sync the content from one page to another


Hi Simo,

I see that you are a Make partner. I am delving into using Make with Notion and have some specific requirements, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. I have a blog on Notion, where the pages are stored in a database with properties.
  2. When a checkbox is checked, I need to retrieve all the properties from the database for that particular page, obtain all the content of the page, perform some transformations or revisions, and then create or update a record in another database with the same schema. Essentially, it’s like having a mirrored blog with some modifications.

I know this is possible, but I don’t have much time to invest in the learning curve and am in need of some consultancy.

Do you offer this service? (I’m interested in learning how.)

I see - yes this should be possible and also a bit challenging because of getting to work with / manipulate Notion page contents, which has some limitations (i.e., some blocks may not be supported). Yes, I do offer this service, and feel free to contact me directly via a DM on this platform if you want to discuss more details and understand if I can truly help you


@Simo - Thank you for the prompt and helpful reply. What you say here makes sense. I will try this out. :raised_hands: