Can't add Shopify products to Woocommerce

Tried to use this scenario:

But am not able to run this. I get a message to update to the most recent Woocommerce applications. When I update it from Woocommerce V2 to V3 applications in the scenario editor I still get an error: The operation failed with an error. Invalid module output. Expected Object, but found Array.

Any fix? The app for Shopify is not compatible and can’t be installed with the most recent version.

The error you encounter is likely due to mapping invalid values in one of the fields. The expected output should be an object, but you may have mistakenly mapped it as an array. I recommend double-checking your mappings to ensure they are correct.

If the issue persists, please provide a quick screenshot of your steps. This will help us investigate the problem more effectively.


All of a sudden it started working and I can post to Woocommerce. Thanks for your assistance!

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Hi @JJLL323 welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks a lot for keeping us posted on the progress! Great to hear that things are up and running now.

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Thanks Michaela!! Appreciate the help

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