ChatGPT-4o HTTP request breaks when I map something in the "Request content"


So I know there are some problems with the 4o ChatGPT and the team are working on it. But I can’t seem to get the workaround work :smiley: .

So my scenario:

Upload mp3 → Transcript whisper → Look for misspells → HTTP for 4o to create Facebook post drafts.

When I map something in the request area I get this error: “We could not parse the JSON body of your request. (HINT: This likely means you aren’t using your HTTP library correctly. The OpenAI API expects a JSON payload, but what was sent was not valid JSON. If you have trouble figuring out how to fix this, please contact us through our help center at”

But this only happens when I map something inside. And for some strande reason the input is correct, so it isn’t wrong, so the mapping is done, but when I run the scenario I get the error.

What am I doing wrong here? Isn’t this the workaround you guys are mentioning?

See Replacing/Escaping double quotes - #5 by samliew on how to escape a variable before you map it into another manually-built JSON.

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