Chatgpt - Dall-E


is there anyone use Generate Image with ChatGpt before can assest me , is it suitable to create to a spacific product design ( for Home Appliances for example )
or i should use chatgpt 4 with canva plugin , i am thinking to automate the creative creation like what i did with content ( but the problem is that i have a bunch of clients in a dieferant industries and i think the most hard one it will be E-commerce
so any advices please

thank you

Hey @Yusuf_Fawzi

I have been utilizing ChatGPT DALL-E 3, and it has proven to be quite impressive. Its capabilities are notable, particularly when provided with a well-crafted prompt. I would like to mention the importance of using a good prompt to optimize its performance. Feel free to leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT DALL-E 3 for this task, ensuring that the prompt is thoughtfully constructed to yield the best results