ChatGPT memory key

I used Zappier before where there is a memory key option in ChatGPT module, where chatgpt keeps history of the conversation with each client. How can i do that with Make? It makes conversational outputs so much better.

thank you, K

According to the OpenAI API documentation,

Because the models have no memory of past requests, all relevant information must be supplied as part of the conversation history in each request.

You can use the data store or any connected third-party module to store such data so you can retrieve and append them to a future request.


Thanks, yeah its what i was thinking, but i am not sure how to go about it.
I wanted to be sure that i am not missing something in the chatGPT settings and module.

does anyone have any idea how to pass in the old conversation to chatgpt so that we can let chatgpt to follow the context ?

@yyshin You’ll need to build the JSON of previous + current messages, then pass it to the “Messages” field using the “Map” toggle:


For more information, see the linked Chat completions API.


@samliew Could you please provide an example? I’ve been trying for hours but to no avail. Thank you!!!

I believe the new OpenAI ‘Message an Assistant’ module will keep the context in a ‘Thread’. Where each conversation’s ‘Thread ID’ can be called for reading. See:

I received this email from Make today:
:purple_circle: Message an Assistant . Have an ongoing conversation with an Assistant (keeping the context of previous messages), plus reference uploaded files to help you build better prompts and generate better responses.

I keep getting the error “[404] No thread found with id ‘[customer ID XYZ]’.”

The instructions says if Thread ID is empty, it will create a new one and return it in the response. So in my flow, I have to leave this empty, but then how would i recall the new thread id in the 2nd message that i want to apply to that specific thread?

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