ChatGPT multiple tasks in one conversation

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I am summarizing books into texts of 15.000 characters. Since ChatGPT is limited to around 3000 characters per call. I came up with the following prompt.

Divide the book {Title} by {Author} into 5 parts. Create a version of the {1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th} part that is 2000 characters long.

Now the problem is that ChatGPT changes the writing style with each new conversation. Is there a way to have multiple recalls in the same conversation?

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I think I understand what your main issue is, the summarizations have a different style of writing so the summarizations donā€™t read consistently.
If you add to your input prompt ā€˜Tone of voice: Professionalā€™ or any style of voice, that will help.
Another prompt you can add is ā€˜Reading level: 8-year-oldā€™ which can help with vocabulary consistency.

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Hey Ian, thanks for the input. You got me correct. I already tried various writing styles inputs but sadly with the same output problem.