Choose a value randomly

I have a cell that contains multiple values (cities).
I want to display only ONE city in the e-mail that is sent to the client.
How can I choose randomly one and only one value (city) et sent it up in my MAKE scenario?
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Please take a look at this documentation: Math Variables Help Docs | Integromat Help Center

You can randomize value selection using the Math operators.

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I tried using the random function,

But the scenario is still in error

As I am not trying to get a random number, but a random city name from a list of cities, I am not sure how to use the random function. With the * ?

@DELNEUF_ELODIE The example I posted was in a generic use-case. For your use case, you will either have to append the cities to some sort of serial number and then use the serial number to randomize the output of a city name.

You can do this using the ‘Data Store’ option in Make, but I am sure there are other ways to do it as well.

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Since you cities are in an array, this should do the trick:
{{get(shuffle(9.:round_pushpin:COMMUNE_CABINET); 1)}}

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Hello Jim,
I tried this formula but it does not work.
I guess this is because the cities are not in an array format, they are in this format (screenshot) :


Can you show the output from module 9? (click the (1) above the module after run).

here it is, indeed it is an array:


I missed your reply… If you @mention people when replying (as I did) they will get notified.

If you are still having issues with this, can you give more details on the problem?

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