ClickUp API custom fields

Hope you can help me solve this: I’m trying to get the custom fields that are in the array below. Keeping on getting errors. Any ideas please? Thank you!
[ { “field_id”: “de761538-8ae0-42e8-91d9-f1a0cdfbd8b5”,
“operator”: “ANY”,
“value”: [
“6” ] }]

I like to model array operations with the Parse JSON module in the JSON app. I used this JSON to prime the scenario:

[{ "field_id": "de761538-8ae0-42e8-91d9-f1a0cdfbd8b5",
"operator": "ANY",
"arrayvalue": [{"key1":0,"key2":2,"key3":6 }]

Note I added keys to the array to illustrate how to use the map() function to grab the required key out of the arrayvalue array.

In the next Set variable I am using this expression to grab the value of key2 out of the arrayvalue.

{{map(1.arrayvalue; "key2")}}

Here’s the blueprint (3.5 KB)

The map() function along with get(), first(), last() are very useful basic array manipulation functions.


Thank you @alex.newpath for your great help!
As I tried and got an error, I’ve been notified that there is a bug in the provided API URL…
Thanks again.