ClickUp form submission to update clickup tasks

I have a list of contacts in one list where the first and last name is the task name and will send them a clickup form to enter their dietary restrictions, etc - questions which are custom fields that are dropdown options and others with text options. I’d like the submissions from the ClickUp form to update the custom fields in the contact list with the answers from the form. Essentially copying the custom field answers from the form submissions to the contact list to each contact that submits the form.

I use Watch Tasks for the Forms list on ClickUp and then Get task to get the task ID from the forms submission list then list all tasks for the contact list and then when I get to the edit custom field module, the custom fields on the form list doesn’t show up on the get a task module or watch task module…

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Hi Raveena,

ClickUp modules wont return custom field info for empty custom fields. You need to manually create a task in ClickUp with the custom fields you want filled in, and then run the Get a Task module with that task to be able to see them. Then you will be able to map them in consequent modules.


Hi! The task in clickup does have the custom fields filled out in clickup. when someone fills out the clickup form, all of the custom fields get filled out and then entered into clickup.