Clockify Time Entry <> Google Sheet Import

Hi, I’ve been trying to setup an automation to import time entries from Clockify into a Google Sheet spreadsheet. The problem occurred that simply connecting the Clockify module “Find Time Entries” and Google Sheet’s “Add a Row” would add all the data all over again as soon as it runs again. So I came up with the idea to also add the time entry IDs to the spreadsheet to let the automation evaluate if this time entry is already on the list. Unfortunately I haven’t seen success with that approach yet, because my setup seems to have an error where the same time entry (after it came through the ID filter) is being added multiple times or rather endless times to the sheet.

I attached some screenshots of what my setup currently looks like.

I hope someone can help me out, I’ve been spending hours and hours to find a solution to this.

There is an issue with your Google Sheets Search Row Filter.

Do this,

and modify filter like this

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Amazing. It works! You have no idea how thankful I am, I wasted hours on this… thank you!