Collecting Data from Payment Method to then send Email to Customer: Total Newbie

I was able to create a sequence from Carrd to Stripe to Gmail, but the email from Gmail looks like this.

I followed a tutorial from

Gmail App OAuth Setup Workflow from 2021

I want to be able to send an email to the customer after they make a purchase through Stripe gateway, and welcome them to the client’s school with various directions to follow and proceed to learning on our LMS.

How do I send an email from the Gmail App module in

Do I have to add another module for another step(s) of what will be said?



Are you using a Google Workspace account or a generic, free Gmail account?

If it’s a free account you will have to setup oauth on Google console to obtain a client and secret key to use in your Make Gmail module.

Once that is setup, you should be able to send emails using Make via your Gmail account.

Hi @christopherst ,

It looks like Gmail tried to send the email (so the API call worked) but could not deliver it. Normally the reason for the failure should be given in the body of the delivery failure email. Could be a typo in the email address or some other issue related to the destination inbox.

I followed this tutorial.

Is this not the right one?

I’m using a free Gmail account and followed the video.

Once that is setup, you should be able to send emails using Make via your Gmail account.

Is it possible to show how it should work in a current video?

So is what I’m trying to do able to be accomplished?

From Carrd the customer enters in data, clicks the purchase button, and via webhook to Make creates a New Customer in Stripe, then sends an email to the customer letting them know they have joined?

I see this action go to my email, but I don’t know how many steps it took to do this.

What would you recommend I do, or am I doing it correctly?

To test your Gmail connection just create a simple “send email” module and enter some static data for all required fields, save and do a right-click and select “run this module only”.

I suspect your connection is fine, even though connection need to be re-authorized every 7 days which is not really sustainable long term. I do not recommend sending business email with a email in general.

From your initial screenshot it looks like the API call for your Gmail module was OK so the issue is somewhere else in my opinion and the answer most likely inside the “delivery failure” email you got.

I’m a person with a disability and autism, how would you think logically in a visual picture or flowchart from what you just said? I don’t understand various things you’re saying.

I dont understand:

What is a connection?

Like sending and receiving information back and forth via IP addresses?


How can one even know what’s inside the “delivery failure” email?

Thank you for any help you can give in advance.

Hi @christopherst,

You can find some good information about connection here: Connecting to services (

Why I don’t recommend sending business email with an
The #1 reason is that Make connection would need to be re-authorized every 7 days, it is not practical and it kind of ruins the point of automation. The secondary reason is that email addresses don’t look professional in my opinion.

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