Complex data structure

I need help. The data structure I get in response from a service for Aeronautical service is in the format below.
In this example i need info for OBBI, VIDP and OMDB which are airports. I need to filter this data and update it elsewhere. I am stuck in getting the required output. The values of ‘OBBI’, ‘VIDP’ and ‘OMDB’ will change in every response…it will be the name of the airport.
The end results I need is

  1. OBBI col 1.---------text------col 3 encoded… col 4…id
  2. OBBI 2. text----------encoded…
  3. VIDP

I think i need professional help here. Any suggestion are welcome.

HI @Abhishek_Sinha,

I believe that besides the OBBI, VIDP, OMDB, and other data the result will be uniform on the output, right?

What you can do is, utilize key functions and then iterate over the Data that you get from the API. And, after which you should be able to extract the data as needed.

It will be helpful if you can share the JSON that you are getting and also point out what you want to fetch from the result.

So, For the automation setup,

  1. Add an Iterator after the HTTP module, that will have the keys(data) as an array to iterate over,

Which will yield the airport’s name, which you can later use for further processing.

  1. After the iterator, you can then use the map, and get function to then extract the required results from the output of the HTTP module.

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it worked…thanks a lot