Confirm only numbers in a string

I need to test whether a five-character string is all numbers. In order to do this, I put in the following filters:

This one confirms that the string is five characters long, but it doesn’t confirm that it is all numbers and no letters or special characters.

This one works most of the time, but it doesn’t work if there are leading zeroes, which is sometimes the case.

Can anyone suggest a different operation to confirm that there is nothing but numbers, and that the total length of the string is five, including leading zeroes?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


What you can do is, have a filter in either of these two ways,

  1. Use Expression in the filter with value, text operator matches the pattern ^[0-9]{5}$
  2. The second one that you are using, just use parse and then have a filter that does numeric operators less than 100000

Screenshot from 2023-05-06 02-19-52


That’ll work. Thank you!! I don’t have any experience with Match Pattern, but sounds way better than my round about ways. Thanks.