Connect Broadbean (not listed in Make) to Webflow

Hi there,

We’re currently trying to figure out how we can automate job listings posted on Broadbean to a Webflow CMS, however, Broadbean does not seem to be available in the Make Apps.

I’m not an expert on automation, but I was thinking if it’s possible to use HTTP to create this automation somehow? If there’s a problem linking the data to Webflow, even an Airtable will work too, all we need is the fields from the job listing such as name, description, etc so we can then submit this data automatically to Webflow either directly or with Airtable.


Hi @EthanS ,

I am not familiar with your ATS, but it seems like it’s possible:

However when reading this it sounds like it will not be an easy task to get it integrated. Most likely you will have to get a contract in place and set up the integration on their side first.
I highly recommend you contact your ATS support first to request some more information. :smiley:


Hi @EthanS ,

Broadbean will send an advert to a webhook. So you can “listen” for the advert using a Make’s “Custom Webhook”, and then route it to Webflow using the Webflow module.

This is explained here:

If you use this setup, you won’t need to pull data from Broadbean (because they will send it to the webhook).

As an alternative, if you have an API specification, then yes, you could also use the HTTP module to “pull” the data.


Thanks for the answer @Terry_Hopper

I guess that, in the same way, when candidates apply through Webflow using a form, this data can be submitted back to Broadbean?

Hi @EthanS ,

Webflow can definitely forward form submissions to Make. From there, if you have API access to Broadbean, then you’ll be able to use Make’s HTTP module to “push” the form into Broadbean.

But I cannot see any information about Broadbean’s API on their website, so that part will be a question for them.