Connect google sheets with google calendar

buenos días
tengo viculado google sheets con google calendar, me crea el evento pero no a la hora que yo quiero.
como se podría hacer?

este seria el google sheet

pero el evento siempre me lo crea en el momento de ejecutar, no en el que está puesto en google sheet.

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I just wanted to let you know that I translated your question to English since that’s the official language of the community. By keeping the content in one language, we give everybody the chance to step in and help you.

:us: Translated question:

good morning
I have linked google sheets with google calendar, it creates the event but not at the time I want.
How can I do it?

this would be the google sheet

but the event is always created at the time of execution, not in the one that is set in google sheet.

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Thank you very much indeed

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