Connecting QuickBooks Online

I am having trouble connecting to QuickBooks Online. I keep getting a message “Invalid CORS request.” I can’t find a simple solution anywhere. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? I’m not a developer, so I’m hoping it’s an easy fix! Thank you!

hey @Mike_Mulvihill

I just tried my quickbooks connection in account and it seemed to work fine.
Perhaps try the connection in an incognito window to see if that resolves the CORS error.

This error is most certainly coming from quickbooks, but could be caused by either make or quickbooks.

Can you confirm which region your make account is in? and where your quickbooks account is in? This could be contributing to the issue.

Hi Tim,

Thanks so much for your reply! I tried making the connection in a private window and still got the CORS error.

As far as I know, my Make account and my QB Online accounts are both US (Phoenix) region. (Assuming that’s the default for accounts created in the US). When I log in to Make the url is

I contacted tech support at QuickBooks and they said the error is coming from Make. And when I contacted Make support they said the error is with QuickBooks :smile:

Do you think toggling the advanced settings would help in any way?

Thanks again Tim!

Hi there @Mike_Mulvihill, welcome to the community :wave:

You could try

  • logging out from both Make and QuickBooks
  • clearing your cache/cookies
  • logging back into Make (without logging into QuickBooks)
  • creating a QB connection with Make

As you’re mentioning, you could also try creating the connection via the advanced options (client ID/secret).

If none of this helps, please feel free to continue in the support ticket you’ve logged. My colleagues will be happy to assist and investigate.

Thanks for welcoming me the community, Michaela!

I logged out of everything, cleared my cache, cleared all cookies, and deleted my browser history. Then logged back into Make without logging into QB. No luck - I still got the Invalid CORS request message :confounded:

I next tried to create the connection via advanced options. I used my user name and password for the client ID and client secret. (I assume that is what they are asking for). For the question “Use sandbox for this connection”, I went with the default option of “Empty”. Still no luck :weary:. Here’s what I got:

I wonder what other options are available? Do you have more suggestions? Or maybe this is something that Make and QuickBooks Online need to sort out?

Thanks again for your help Michaela and hope I can get connected soon. Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Hello again @Mike_Mulvihill :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to hear that the good old ‘clear cache/cookies & turn it off and on again’ combo did not work.

As far as the advanced option to create the connection goes, the way of retrieving the client ID and client secret is described :arrow_right: over here.

You can give that a go and if you happen to still be stuck after that, please continue in the ticket you logged with our support team. This might need a more in-depth investigation which is impossible from the community end since we cannot access your scenario. You are 100% welcome to keep us posted on your progress, though, we are all ears! :ear:

Hey Michaela,

No luck with the client ID and client secret. I will follow up with the support team. I am frustrated because as I mentioned, told me that the problem is with QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks told me the problem is with Make. So I’m stuck in the middle without a solution while they point fingers at each other :frowning_face:

At any rate, I do appreciate your help trying to fix this, Michaela. I’ll keep you posted if anyone provides a solution. In the meantime I’ll be looking for an alternative platform(s).

Hooray! I was finally able to connect using Chrome instead of Safari. I thought clearing the cache and cookies in Safari would do it, but apparently Safari saw things differently :grin:. At any rate, I’m glad to be able to move forward with my automations.


Yayyy @Mike_Mulvihill so happy to hear you got it working! Keep up the great work :blush:

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